Watch Now: What can the nuclear weapons abolition movement learn from other social justice movements? November 10, 2021

The Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program at Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) presents the first event of our #DemandAccess campaign. The campaign centers around the idea that “For as long as we fund violence to ‘keep the peace’, our access—to healthy minds, bodies and environments—is Denied.”

This event occurred November 3rd, 2021 and was entitled “What can the Nuclear Weapons abolition movement learn from other social justice movements?”. The event focused on what the nuclear community can learn from other social justice movements as we advocate for the abolition of nuclear weapons and work towards a peaceful, equitable, and just society.

Panelists: Nola Haynes, Rayna Rogers, Ola Baczynski, and Scott Giberson Jr.
Moderator: Mari Faines (PSR Director of Communications and Outreach)
Co-Organizers: Mari Faines and Jasmine Owens (Lead Organizer and Policy Coordinator, Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program)
Acknowledgements: Martin Fleck (Director of Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program) and Jeff Carter (PSR Executive Director)

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