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Updates & Info on the War in Ukraine

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Ukraine Social Media Toolkit
Instagram-ready graphics and other resources from PSR

Ukraine media resources
An updated list of relevant media coverage on the Ukraine conflict (google doc)

We Reject War and Nuclear Weapons
Avaaz global sign-on petition nearing 1 million signatures “Open Letter From Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and Citizens of the World Against War and Nuclear Weapons”

Russia’s War on Ukraine and the Risk of Nuclear Escalation: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Arms Control Association

Take nuclear weapons off the table in Putin’s war with Ukraine
Beyond the Bomb Petition, March 2

Dealing with nuclear anxiety
Tips from ICAN

Statement on No Fly Zones + Graphics to share
Veterans For Peace, March 17

Ukraine Frequently Asked Questions
Beyond the Bomb
Peace in Ukraine Coalition Website

Breakdown of FY2022 Omnibus versus Ukraine Supplemental Request
Taxpayers for Common Sense, March 9



Physicians for Social Responsibility Condemns the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
PSR Statement, February 25

“Physicians for Social Responsibility condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and urges immediate de-escalation of this conflict with the goal of ending harm to civilians.”

Global medical and public health organizations call for immediate end to war in Ukraine and critical need to prevent nuclear escalation
Joint Statement from IPPNW, IFMSA, WFPHA, and WMA, Mar 10

“The alarmingly acute and growing danger of nuclear escalation must be reversed and nuclear war prevented by the urgent elimination of nuclear weapons.”

Citizens of the world are against war and nuclear weapons
Statement on the invasion of Ukraine from Nobel Peace Prize Laureates including IPPNW and ICAN, March 16

“As Nobel Peace Prize Laureates we reject war and nuclear weapons. We call on all our fellow citizens of the world to join us in protecting our planet, home for all of us, from those who threaten to destroy it. The invasion of Ukraine has created a humanitarian disaster for its people. The entire world is facing the greatest threat in history: a large-scale nuclear war, capable of destroying our civilization and causing vast ecological damage across the Earth.”

Ukraine Statement
Back From the Brink

“Russia’s dictator, Vladimir Putin has demonstrated through word and deed the nuclear brink on which the world finds itself and the folly of nuclear weapons as instruments of peace and security. Nuclear weapons appear to have enabled Putin’s war while the West’s nuclear weapons have done nothing to prevent it nor can they be used to stop it. Moreover, this crisis should further reveal to the world the immorality and injustice of nuclear deterrence — the policy of threatening to commit mass murder in the name of one’s security.”


Hibakusha blast Putin’s boast about Russia’s nuclear prowess
Asahi Shimbun, February 26

Why Putin put nuke forces on high alert
February 28

Russia’s Threats Have Taken the World Off the Nuclear Map
Op ed by Jon Wolfsthal, Barron’s, February 28

So This Is What It Looks Like When the Corporate Media Opposes a War
Jeff Cohen, Common Dreams, February 28

Russian Invaders, and Ukraine’s Civilian Toll
Letter to the editor by Dr. Barry S. Levy, PSR member, New York Times, March 1

Hurting Stalemate
Francesca Giovannini, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, March 2

Reducing the risks of nuclear war to humanity
Ira Helfand, Patricia Lewis, Andy Haines, The Lancet Comment section, March 4

Calling Russia’s Attack ‘Unprovoked’ Lets U.S. Off the Hook
Bryce Greene, FAIR, March 4

‘Let Them Kill as Many as Possible’: The Roots of US Militarism in Russia and Around the World
Brian Terrell on American hypocrisy, Common Dreams, March 4

Did the infamous Azov Battalion inspire Putin’s “denazification’ claim?
Jerusalem Post, March 5

‘Limited’ Tactical Nuclear Weapons Would Be Catastrophic
Nina Tannenwald, Scientific American, March 10

Nuclear war is impossible — Russian MFA
March 10

The answer to nuclear anxiety is to get rid of nuclear weapons
Elizabeth Renzetti, Globe and Mail (Canada), March 10

“The prospect of nuclear conflict, once unthinkable, is now back within the realm of possibility.”
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres quoted by Reuters, March 14

How a nuclear disaster in Ukraine could bring the war to our doorstep in a moment’s notice
Op-ed by PSR President Dr. Michael J. Martin and PSR Board Member Dr. Tova Fuller, San Francisco Chronicle, March 15

No, Ukraine Was Not Wrong to Give Up Its Nukes
Op-ed by Matt Bivens, MD, PSR Board Member, Common Dreams, March 15

I am worried about Ukraine, but it’s not what you think
Tara Drozdenko, UCS, March 15

NATO and the road not taken
Rajan Menon, Boston Review, March 16

The only way to guarantee nuclear weapons are never used
Op-ed by PSR Board Members Ira Helfand, MD and Matt Bivens, MD, and PSR member Barry Levy, MD, CNN, March 17

Physicians and the Health Consequences of War
Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH1, JAMA Health Forum, March 17

Why Talk About Nuclear Disarmament Now?
nuclearbanus on Ukraine, March 17

Ukraine and the global color line
Op-edby Mari Faines and Jasmine Owens of PSR, and Raeghn Draper of Beyond the Bomb, Inkstick Media, March 18

Why America Should not Deepen its Military Involvement in Ukraine
Op-ed by Tom Collina, Ploughshares Fund,  New York Times, March 18

How Much Less Newsworthy Are Civilians in Other Conflicts?
Julie Hollar, FAIR, March 18

Where Is Russia’s War Against Ukraine Headed?
Lawrence Korb, The National Interest, March 18

Russia’s war and peace scenarios in Ukraine
Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera, March 18

Zelensky’s chief of staff makes his case for the no-fly-zone
Washington Post, March 21

The Lie of American Innocence
Chris Hedges, March 21

Videos + Interviews

What to know about the threat of nuclear war
Radio interview with PSR board member Dr. Ira Helfand from On Point with Meghna Chakrabarti (WBUR), March 14

Is Ukraine Our Armageddon? Featuring Ted Postol, Cynthia Lazaroff, Joe Cirincione
Committee for the Republic Salon ( John Henry ) 2 hour video, March 17

What would a NATO-Russia nuclear war look like?
Interview with Ira Helfand on RT, March 16

The Radioactive Show podcast
Interview with Tilman Ruff and Jim Green, March 19