Tell the EPA: We need power plants to reduce carbon emissions July 24, 2023

We need you to submit a comment to the U.S. EPA to help slow climate change.

As you know, carbon pollution is the main driver of climate change, and power plants across the country are responsible for about 30 percent of these emissions. In May, the EPA proposed a new standard that intends to cut carbon emissions from existing coal-burning power plants and new and existing gas-fired plants. We strongly support lowering emissions and curbing climate change and are urging the EPA to strengthen the rule in order to protect public health and the environment.

The proposed new rule requires emissions reductions but leaves it up to states and the individual sources to decide how to meet these new standards. Technologies that might be used would include carbon capture and storage (CCS) and use of hydrogen as a fuel. In addition, power plant owners could operate their plants less frequently, switch to cleaner fuels like solar or wind, and/or retire their plants.

There are numerous health impacts associated with hydrogen and CCS so we need to make sure the EPA hears about them from PSR members. Read more about our concerns, and send a comment to the EPA.

Note: Any personal information you submit may be publicly visible on the EPA docket.

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