Tell EPA to Set Higher Standards for Particulate Matter March 16, 2023

Graphic showing the scale of particulates smaller than human hair or a grain of sand

We urgently need to reduce the amount of particulate matter (PM) in the air. It’s a major form of air pollution, harming the lungs and hearts of both children and adults.

The U.S. EPA is currently revising its air quality standards for PM pollution. However, the ceiling they are proposing for fine particulates (PM2.5) is too high to adequately protect human health.

PSR is urging the EPA to set the PM2.5 standard at the stringent level of five micrograms per cubic meter or less. Our position is based on studies that determine an association between exposure and premature death, even at those low levels.

Please submit your comment to the EPA. We have made it easy by creating an online petition-type comment. You can simply sign it, or you can personalize it with additional thoughts. Please fill out this form to post your comment to the EPA.

Thank you for asking the EPA to adopt a strong, truly health-protective health standard.

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