Tell Congress today: Gas stoves are hurting us! June 6, 2023

This action alert is no longer active

Gas stoves emit dangerous air pollutants that harm our lungs, hearts and nervous systems. Now Congress is trying to tell federal agencies that they can’t take action to protect our health from these appliances.

Two bills have been introduced in the House of Representatives that would forbid the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Department of Energy from protecting Americans from unhealthy air quality caused by gas stoves in their own homes. Both HR 1615 and HR 1640 claim to “save” gas stoves, but it is our belief that Congress should be more interested in saving our health.

Gas appliance pollutants can cause health impacts ranging from asthma to strokes. This is also an issue of environmental justice. Low-income renters and people of color are more likely to have a gas appliance in their homes, to live in smaller spaces where pollutants can reach higher concentrations, and are already subjected to higher levels of outdoor air pollution.

Take action! Ask your congressperson to oppose HR 1615 and HR 1640. Votes on these bills will take place this week!

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