Tell Congress to Reject the Dirty IRA Side Deal September 23, 2022

This action alert is no longer active

Senator Manchin’s dirty permitting bill is on the verge of passing Congress. The bill would fast-track fossil fuel projects while threatening public health and the climate.

During negotiations for the Inflation Reduction Act, Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Chuck Schumer cut a side deal, agreeing to work together to gut bedrock environmental safeguards and make it easier for fossil fuel projects to pollute our waters.

And now they plan on attaching it to attach their dirty, fossil fuel-perpetuating deal to a must-pass government funding bill that has to be approved by NEXT FRIDAY to avoid a government shutdown.

We oppose their side deal, which would threaten public health, exacerbate climate change, and increase burdens on environmental justice communities. Congress must also oppose it.

Write your representative and senators today and insist that they reject this dirty deal and prioritize our health instead.

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