Tell Congress to protect the EPA and our health! November 30, 2018

This action alert is no longer active

Congress is working on a year-end deal to fund the remainder of the federal government for Fiscal Year 2019, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Congress must fully fund the EPA and not include any harmful policy riders that would block, weaken, or delay critical clean air and public health protections. The Agency needs the resources required to protect our families and communities from environmental harm, including climate change.

Congress must also ensure that all the outstanding appropriations bills are free of harmful policy riders as well. Riders—amendments that are unrelated to the underlying, must-pass bill—have no place in spending legislation. Anti-EPA riders will only put lives and health at further risk from air pollution and other environmental and climate-related hazards.

Tell your members of Congress to stand up for our health, protect the EPA budget and eliminate all poison pill riders.

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