Tell Congress: Defend the Arctic! January 11, 2024

A new bill in the House of Representatives is threatening one of our country’s most important wilderness areas, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Drilling projects have been proposed in and around this unique space for years. However President Biden has canceled  these oil and gas leases, and replaced them with efforts to preserve this land and its water for generations to come.

Now, a highly destructive bill – H.R. 6285 – seeks to overturn these strides in conservation and climate protection.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is situated in the northeast corner of Alaska and is the only federally protected arctic coastal habitat in the United States. With no development or roads within its 19 million acres, it is a critically valuable location for biodiversity, with over 200 species of birds, wolves, polar bears and more.

Arctic habitats across Alaska are already burdened with the impacts of climate change. Not only would development desecrate the land – any oil and gas sourced from the area would accelerate climate change and its devastating health and environmental impacts.

We must protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other vulnerable areas in Alaska while we still can. Contact your Representative today!

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