Take Action to Stop Dangerous Climate Legislation March 29, 2023

This action alert is no longer active

We urgently need your help to stop a dangerous bill from passing in the House of Representatives. H.R. 1, the so-called “Lower Energy Costs Act,” is coming to a vote this week. We need you to help stop this awful bill. 

H.R. 1 is a partisan bill that will have drastic consequences for our climate and environment. It will slash existing environmental regulations, expand oil and gas drilling on public lands and waters, and roll back the household energy rebates just passed last summer. 

Despite its nice-sounding name, this bill would actually raise costs for American families by repealing energy rebates and rolling back historic investments to increase access to cost-lowering clean energy technologies. 

PSR urges you to call or email your representatives TODAY and let them know that you strongly oppose H.R. 1.

Your voice as a health professional matters. Please talk about the effects of this bill on people’s health, as it will weaken the Clean Air Act and increase pollution in our air and water. 

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