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PSR Statement on the 2023 Doomsday Clock Announcement

January 24, 2023
Doomsday Clock at 90 Seconds to Midnight

This announcement by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moving the Clock closer to midnight reminds us that we cannot prepare for nuclear war, we must prevent it.

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Don’t Bank on the Bomb 2022 Report

December 16, 2022

PSR’s partner organization ICAN has released their new Don’t Bank on the Bomb report, “Risky Returns: Nuclear Weapon Producers and Their Financiers.”

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From the Freeze to Back from the Brink

November 2, 2022

Join Pioneer Valley PSR to celebrate the Back from the Brink campaign’s accomplishments, learn about the campaign’s plans for 2023 and how you can get involved, and help honor four Western Massachusetts leaders who have played a major role in advancing the campaign and the cause of nuclear disarmament.

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PSR Advises Biden: Rewrite the Nuclear Posture Review

October 28, 2022

The NPR disregards the increasing numbers of Americans who are calling to redirect these resources to urgent needs like food insecurity, access to health care, and the climate change crisis — to name just a few. 

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Tell Biden: No More Playing Games With Our Lives

October 19, 2022
Nuclear weapons are never the answer

We cannot support thriving communities when we are threatening their very existence with nuclear weapons. Take action today!

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Now Is Not the Time to Playact Nuclear War

October 18, 2022

Op-ed in The Nation by Matt Bivens, MD, PSR Board Member.

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Rehearsal for “Armageddon” Underway as NATO and Russia Hold Nuclear Exercises

October 18, 2022
Military plane firing nuclear test missile

Alaska Native News article quoting PSR Board Member Dr. Robert Dodge.

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How to Create a Nuclear Weapons Policy for the People

October 10, 2022

Op-ed in The Nation co-authored by Jasmine Owens, PSR Associate Director for Nuclear Weapons Abolition.

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Ask your U.S. Representative to cosponsor the People Over Pentagon Act

September 23, 2022

It’s time to stop misdirecting hundreds of billions of dollars away from domestic and human needs to fund endless wars, dangerous and unneeded new nuclear weapons, and the Pentagon’s corporate handouts.

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Preventing Nuclear War Means Defending Democracy

September 22, 2022

Join the Back from the Brink coalition for a virtual roundtable discussion featuring a panel of experts and pro-democracy advocates.

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