Pandemic accelerating shift toward electric vehicles

April 4, 2021

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article quoting PSR Pennsylvania’s Walter Tsou, MD.

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‘Green economy’ will be healthier for us all

December 16, 2020

Letter to the Editor in the Everett Herald by Dr. Jonathan Witte, Washington PSR member.

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Following Months Of Less Traffic, LA City Council Votes To Encourage Businesses To Provide More Remote Work Options

August 27, 2020

CBS Los Angeles article citing air pollution data from PSR-Los Angeles.

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Local officials, environmentalists blast rollback in car standards

July 26, 2020

Des Moines Register article quoting Dr. Maureen McCue of PSR Iowa.

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Daily Digest: Trump administration’s rollback on Clean Car Standards causes concern

July 23, 2020

Iowa Public Radio News article quoting Dr. Maureen McCue of PSR Iowa.

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State Should Prioritize Climate-Conscious Policies, Fund Mass Transit

May 11, 2020

Op-ed in Maryland Matters by Chesapeake PSR’s Nishanth Khanna, MD.

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Coronavirus shutdowns are lowering greenhouse gas emissions; history shows they’ll roar back

March 19, 2020

Article in The Los Angeles Times quoting Martha Dina Argüello, PSR Los Angeles.

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Reduce pollution for our climate and our health

February 16, 2020

Op-ed in the Everett Herald by Jonathan Witte, MD, Washington PSR.

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Travel by plane and you might get ‘flight shamed.’ This worries airlines

February 7, 2020

Los Angeles Times article quoting Maro Kakoussian of PSR-Los Angeles.

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Support for Clean Fuels Continues to Grow

January 10, 2020

Port of Seattle article quoting Annemarie Dooley, MD, Washington PSR.

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