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Let’s Pay Attention to What COVID-19 Is Trying to Tell Us About Climate Change

May 26, 2020

Op-ed for Common Dreams by Janis Petzel, MD, PSR Climate Ambassador.

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Carbon-tax bill before Congress comes with an unacceptable trade-off

May 9, 2020
Hazy sky with hot sun

Op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star by PSR Arizona’s Barbara Warren, MD.

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Pollution will make pandemic worse

April 15, 2020

Letter to the editor in the Wisconsin State Journal form Claire Gervais, MD, PSR Wisconsin.

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Rolling back environmental protections will worsen COVID-19 pandemic

April 13, 2020

Op-ed in the Bangor Daily News by Janis Petzel, MD, PSR Climate Ambassador.

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Oil-Gas Industry Exploits Virus to Gut Protections, to Humanity’s Peril

April 9, 2020

Op-ed in The Pueblo Chieftain by Harv Teitelbaum, PSR Colorado.

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EPA Abdicates Enforcement Responsibility

April 8, 2020

Letter to the editor in the Arizona Daily Star from Paul Gee, MD, PSR Arizona.

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Pennsylvania should not bolster fracking and petrochemicals with latest bill

March 18, 2020

Op-ed in The Philadelphia Inquirer by Barbara Brandom, MD, PSR climate ambassador, Philadelphia PSR.

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All hands needed for clean energy

March 14, 2020

Letter to the editor in The Columbian by Claire Richards, PhD, PSR climate ambassador, Washington PSR.

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Fix U.S. tax code to address climate change and our health

February 28, 2020

Op-ed in East Bay Times by Amanda Millstein, MD, San Francisco Bay Area PSR.

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Climate damage equals health damage

February 16, 2020

Op-ed in the Daily Item by Karen Wolf, NP, PSR climate ambassador.

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