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Celebrating the ban treaty’s “Banniversary” around the United States 

January 31, 2023

PSR members around the country joined in celebrating the second anniversary of the nuclear weapons ban treaty “entry into force” on January 22.

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Misinformation on gas stoves is swirling around the internet. Here’s what you need to know

January 16, 2023

Op-ed by Dr. Robert Gould of San Francisco Bay Area PSR in the San Francisco Chronicle on the health impacts of gas stoves.

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Living with a gas stove? Tips for minimizing health risks

December 26, 2022

This KNKX Public Radio article features health tips from Washington PSR’s Dr. Annemarie Dooley.

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Your gas stove is an expensive chain-smoker

December 22, 2022
Gas stove top

Op-ed in Pinal Central from PSR Arizona’s Dr. Eve Shapiro.

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Criticism grows on new Peabody peaker plant

December 8, 2022

Salem News article quoting Greater Boston PSR Board Chair Dr. Brita Lundberg.

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Uranium Mine Gears Up Near Grand Canyon National Park

December 7, 2022

EarthJustice press release quoting David Spence, MD, board president of PSR Arizona.

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Buh-Bye, Gas! Come January, New Buildings In LA Will Have To Be Fully Electric

December 7, 2022

LAist article quoting Maro Kakoussian, climate justice manager at PSR-Los Angeles.

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The Elusive Quest for Environmental Justice at Hunters Point

December 5, 2022

Earth Island Journal article quoting PSR San Francisco Bay PSR President Dr. Robert M. Gould.

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Massachusetts Utilities Hope Hydrogen and Biomethane Can Keep the State Cooking, and Heating, With Gas

November 18, 2022

Inside Climate News article quoting Andee Krasner of Greater Boston PSR.

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New regulations to push WA homes away from fossil fuels in 2023

November 17, 2022
induction cooktop with pan

KUOW article quoting Dr. Mark Vossler, president of Washington PSR.

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