Climate change cures are possible, but we must urge Congress to act

May 10, 2024

Op-ed in LNP by Alan S. Peterson, MD, PSR Climate Ambassador.

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Oil drilling in the Apalachicola River System is still a very bad idea

April 28, 2024

Op-ed in the Tallahassee Democrat by Pam McVety, PSR Florida Board Member.

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It takes a neighborhood to survive the new heat

April 16, 2024

Op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star by Karen Peterson, PSR Arizona, discussing the chapter’s work on climate resilience.

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Unearthing Black Voices Against Nuclear Weapons

February 21, 2024

Article by Maylene Hughes, Grassroots Organizing and Policy Coordinator for PSR-LA’s Nuclear Threats program, in the Back from the Brink Beacon.

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A prescription for peace in Gaza: Use America’s leverage

February 12, 2024

Op-ed in the Des Moines Register from PSR’s Drs. Yazeed Ibrahim, Ira Helfand, Robert Dodge, and David E. Drake.

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The pragmatist’s guide to nuclear disarmament

February 9, 2024

Op-ed in the Seattle Times by Steve Olson, WPSR member.

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Nuclear deterrence is the existential threat, not the nuclear ban treaty

January 22, 2024

PSR Past President Dr. Ira Helfand co-authors this response to an article favoring nuclear deterrence.

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Meat industry’s dubious claims of sustainability at COP28

December 26, 2023

Op-ed by Michael J. Martin, MD in the San Jose Mercury News.

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Nuclear Abolitionists Occupy New York

December 4, 2023

Op-ed in Common Dreams by PSR Los Angeles President Dr. Bob Dodge.

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Stop open burning of sugar cane fields in Palm Beach County

November 15, 2023

Op-ed by Howard Kessler, MD, President of PSR Florida, in The Palm Beach Post.

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