nuclear power

A Warning about Radioactive Air Pollution from Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

February 24, 2024

Op-ed in CommonWealth Beacon by Greater Boston PSR members Dr. Brita Lundberg, Dr. Joe Hodgkin and Dr. Susan Racine.

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Fukushima nuclear waste release: Is it safe?

November 6, 2023

Panel discussion featuring Dr. Robert Gould, President of San Francisco Bay PSR.

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Climate & Nuclear Webinar Series: Part 2

August 7, 2023

3-part webinar series on the overlapping health risks of climate change and nuclear development, particularly on environmental justice populations. Jointly provided by Greater Boston PSR and the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS). 

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Advocates remain skeptical after state announces final cleanup plan for Santa Susana Field Lab

June 8, 2023

NBC Los Angeles “To understand the health effects, think cancer, birth defects, developmental disorders, and learning disabilities,” said Robert Dodge, from Physicians for Social Responsibility.

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Health Experts Continue to Condemn Holtec’s Wastewater Plan

February 22, 2023
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

Article in The Examiner News quoting PSR New York President Dr. Kathy Nolan.

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Indian Point Owner Plans to Dump Radioactive Water into Hudson River

February 17, 2023
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

Article in The Larchmont Loop quoting PSR New York’s Kathy Nolan, MD.

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Uranium Mine Gears Up Near Grand Canyon National Park

December 7, 2022

EarthJustice press release quoting David Spence, MD, board president of PSR Arizona.

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It’s All About the Bomb

November 25, 2022

Op-ed in The Progressive by Alfred Meyer, PSR Board Member.

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Nuclear Risks at the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

September 14, 2022

Since Russia took over the plant in March, there has been major concern over the safety of the plant and the risk of a potential nuclear incident. Read PSR’s new fact sheet on the dangers.

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Ongoing nuclear gamble in Ukraine

September 5, 2022

Op-ed in The Hill by Robert Dodge, MD, PSR Board Member.

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