next gen climate ambassadors

Colorado River pact isn’t much of a solution. What L.A. must do to save the river

May 28, 2023

Letter to the editor from Daniela Morales, PSR Next Gen Climate Ambassador, in the Los Angeles Times.

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PSR Graduates its First “Next-Generation” Climate Ambassadors

December 20, 2022

Next-Gen Ambassadors are young and emerging health professionals who join PSR to hone their knowledge and skills for climate advocacy.

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Next-Generation Ambassadors meet Next Gen U

September 22, 2022

Erica Frank, MD, MPH, FAACME, and previous PSR board member and president, gave a wonderful presentation on climate and health curriculum to PSR’s Next-Generation Ambassadors.

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Here’s how citywide composting could help Baltimore

August 5, 2022

Baltimore Sun op-ed co-authored by Vennela Avula, PSR Next Gen Climate Ambassador and medical student.

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School of Sustainability’s leadership must reinvest in environmental justice and a fossil-free future

June 22, 2022

Op-ed in The Stanford Daily co-authored by Jayson Toweh, PSR Next Gen Climate Ambassador.

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