Replacing Gas with Electric Power

August 17, 2020

Furnaces that burn fossil (“natural”) gas help drive climate change and pollute the air. Electric heat pumps provide a clean, efficient alternative. Watch this video from PSR/Pennsylvania to learn more.

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Gas stoves can generate unsafe levels of indoor air pollution

May 11, 2020

Article in Vox covering the new report co-released by PSR.

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JPNC Housing & Development discusses building electrification

April 24, 2020

Article in the Jamaica Plain Gazette quoting Andee Krasner of Greater Boston PSR.

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New Infographic Shows Benefits of Electric Heat Pumps

March 30, 2020

Learn how replacing your gas-burning appliances with electrically-powered alternatives, like induction stoves and electric heat pumps, is good for your health and the climate. Infographic by PSR/Philadelphia.

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“Electrify Everything”: PSR Engages Its Health Voices in New Approach to Fighting Climate Change

October 24, 2019
Family with heat pump outside home

PSR’s national office and four chapters are gearing up to inject the health voice into a new approach to slashing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s called “energy optimization,” and it combines energy efficiency with fuel-swapping: replacing technologies that burn fossil fuels with those that use electricity.

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