climate change

Tucson Peace Fair and Music Festival (PSR Arizona)

February 1, 2023

PSR Arizona will be tabling at the festival – stop by to learn about electrification, climate change and nuclear weapons.

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Free CME on Environmentally Sustainable Practices

January 30, 2023

PSR’s My Green Doctor program is the focus of a free 40-minute online CME program offered by the American Medical Association.

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Scientists and experts warn us humanity is closer to ‘doomsday’ than ever before 

January 27, 2023

On January 24, 2023, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists unveiled the new setting of their Doomsday Clock, moving the Clock to 90 seconds to midnight, the closest we have ever been to midnight, or, ‘doomsday.’

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Tell EPA to Protect us from Methane Leaks from Oil and Gas Wells

January 25, 2023

Tell the EPA that we need stronger regulations on leaking methane, one of the key drivers of climate change. 

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PSR Statement on the 2023 Doomsday Clock Announcement

January 24, 2023
Doomsday Clock at 90 Seconds to Midnight

This announcement by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moving the Clock closer to midnight reminds us that we cannot prepare for nuclear war, we must prevent it.

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Tune in Tuesday for the 2023 Doomsday Clock Announcement

January 19, 2023
What time will it be in 2023? Tune in January 24 for the 2023 Doomsday Clock announcement.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has used the Doomsday Clock for more than 75 years to engage the public on existential risk — especially nuclear weapons issues. 

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Misinformation on gas stoves is swirling around the internet. Here’s what you need to know

January 16, 2023

Op-ed by Dr. Robert Gould of San Francisco Bay Area PSR in the San Francisco Chronicle on the health impacts of gas stoves.

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PSR Staff Testifies Before EPA on Proposed Methane Rule

January 12, 2023

PSR staff testified to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during hearings to pass a proposed rule reducing leaks of methane and other harmful pollutants from oil and gas operations across the country. 

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Buh-Bye, Gas! Come January, New Buildings In LA Will Have To Be Fully Electric

December 7, 2022

LAist article quoting Maro Kakoussian, climate justice manager at PSR-Los Angeles.

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Mental Health Impacts of Climate Change Training with Lise Van Susteren, MD

November 18, 2022

Learn about the mental health impacts of climate change, ethical behavior in the midst of the climate crisis, and key actions we all can take right now as health care practitioners.

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