air pollution

Climate Change and Health Webinar

November 27, 2023

PSR Maine hosts this webinar on the health and climate benefit of pollution-free homes, available incentives, and public messaging.

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Stop open burning of sugar cane fields in Palm Beach County

November 15, 2023

Op-ed by Howard Kessler, MD, President of PSR Florida, in The Palm Beach Post.

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Want to get rid of your gas stove? Here’s how to do it in NYC.

November 12, 2023

In this Gothamist article, PSR’s Zach Williams, MPH explains the health benefits of switching to electric appliances.

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Neighbor to Neighbor: Green Home Improvement

November 7, 2023

PSR New York’s Dr. Barton Schoenfeld, MD, FACC will be speaking on indoor air benefits and why not to burn fossil fuels indoors.

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Air Pollution from Indoors Pollutes the Outdoors

November 2, 2023

PSR partnered with Sierra Club and WeAct for Environmental Justice on the “National Building Pollution Report”, detailing how indoor fossil fuel combustion contributes to outdoor pollution.

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New report ties childhood asthma to gas stoves, fuels support for NY HEAT Act

October 21, 2023

WHAM ABC News coverage of the ninth edition of PSR’s fracking Compendium.

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WE ACT calls attention to building pollution in new report, proposes policy solutions

October 15, 2023

Coverage in the Columbia Spectator of the National Building Pollution Report co-authored by PSR.

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Report: Building emissions contribute to dangerous outdoor air pollution

October 5, 2023

Public News Service coverage of the National Building Pollution Report co-authored by PSR

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Why is the U.S. locking down for climate change?

September 27, 2023

Op-ed in CommonWealth Magazine by Brita Lundberg, MD, Greater Boston PSR Board Chair.

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Claim Your $7,500 Solar Tax Credit

September 25, 2023

If you have an unshaded roof at your home or business, now is the time to install solar panels and claim a $7,500 credit on your 2023 tax filings. Learn more from PSR’s My Green Doctor.

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