Support EPA Efforts to Hold Polluting Power Plants Accountable June 10, 2022

This action alert is no longer active

Air pollution from power plant

Please take the time to support EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule by submitting a public comment.

Otherwise known as the Good Neighbor Plan, this proposed regulation would protect the health of millions of Americans by helping states reduce harmful air pollution through the deployment of readily available technologies.

Unfortunately, some dirty coal-fired power plants still have not cleaned up, which is why these new protections are critical for improving our health. If finalized, the rule would require dozens of states to improve air quality by addressing dangerous pollution from these coal plants and certain industrial facilities that cross state lines.

By reducing dangerous pollution, the rule protects residents in dozens of states who are unknowingly subjected to toxic emissions from plants and facilities often hundreds of miles away.

Americans want clean air and water. They deserve the protections proposed by the EPA to ensure upwind states are “good neighbors” as the Clean Air Act requires.

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