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Radioactive Fracking Wastewater

Webinar: Radioactive Fracking Wastewater: Chilling Threat to Health

A chilling investigative article in Rolling Stone magazine has found that wastewater from many oil and gas wells is dangerously radioactive.

2030 Districts

Webinar: Fighting Climate Change Locally through Public-Private Partnerships: The 2030 District Network

Innovative public-private partnerships such as the 2030 District Network are doing important work to fight climate change with local communities and businesses.

Messaging On Climate Emergency

Webinar: Messaging on the Climate Emergency

How do you talk about climate change without turning off your listener? Learn from guest speaker Meighen Speiser what the communications researchers advise about what to say and how to say it.

Webinar Clean Air Act Authority

Webinar: Why We Must Protect Clean Air Act Authority in Climate Legislation

In this PSR webinar, hear from two experts in this field on why we must keep all our climate-fighting tools on the table and not preempt or limit current authorities to reduce the emissions that cause climate change.

Renewable Portfolio Standards Webinar

Webinar: Creating Robust and Effective State Renewable Portfolio Standards

This PSR webinar features three of our chapter experts discussing state renewable energy solutions for the electricity sector, focusing on how best to structure an effective state Renewable Portfolio Standard.

Latest On Climate Science Impacts

Webinar: Latest on Climate Science and Impacts

PSR webinar featuring Hunter Cutting of Climate Nexus, who discusses the latest climate science with a focus on health impacts, what needs to be done to avoid the worst outcomes, and the most effective messaging on climate.

Health Risks Nuclear Power

Webinar: Health Risks of Nuclear Power

In the transition to clean renewable energy, some are proposing nuclear power be considered a renewable energy source. This webinar explores exactly why nuclear is not clean, not safe and not renewable.

Methane Pipelines Dangers To Health

Webinar: Methane Pipelines–Dangers to Health

Fracked-gas pipelines carry toxic substances to communities located far from fracking wells. And they leak.

Barb Gottlieb Natural Gas Symposium

Video: Natural Gas Health Impacts Symposium

PSR is proud to have participated in “Natural Gas Infrastructure and Public Health,” a high-powered conference in Boston that brought together university researchers, public health departments and concerned citizens.

Climate Communicators Guide

Climate Communicators Guide

Our guide offers websites, webinars, slideshows, and tools to build your own talks as a climate communicator.