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Letter to Congress on Clean Energy Investment

Letter signed by PSR and partner groups, asking Congress to support a broad spectrum of clean-energy investments.

Letter to Congress on Electric Vehicles

Letter to members of Congress signed by PSR and partner groups, in support of transitioning the nation to electric vehicles.

Letter to House of Representatives on Particulates

Letter signed by PSR and partner organizations in support of Amendment 62, which would block EPA from finalizing its inadequate update to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for…

Letter on EPA Advisory Committees

Letter to the EPA signed by PSR and partner groups, asking it to reopen the nominations process for EPA advisory committees.

Clean Energy Tax Incentive Letter

PSR and eight health organizations urge the U.S. Congress to enact a package of strong clean energy tax incentives, which are critical to combating the harmful health effects of air pollution and climate change.

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27 Organizations Submit Joint Comments Regarding New Source Performance Standards

PSR and other health organizations submitted comments to the U.S. EPA opposing its proposal to roll back limits on emissions of methane from oil and gas wells.

Letter on Clean Energy Tax Incentives

Letter signed by PSR and partner groups, urging Congress to support tax incentives for clean energy technologies, including energy storage, electric vehicles, renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Statement of Dr. Robert Gould to Berkeley City Council

PSR’s Dr. Robert Gould spoke before the Berkeley City Council in support of an ordinance that would prohibit natural gas infrastructure in new buildings.

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U.S. Call to Action on Climate, Health, and Equity: A Policy Action Agenda

PSR joined with 73 other health and medical organizations to call on U.S . health leaders and policymakers at all government levels to take urgent action to address the climate health emergency.

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AMA policy on climate change education for healthcare professionals & medical students

The American Medical Association (AMA) has adopted as official policy a call for teaching about climate change in medical schools and “across the medical education continuum.”