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Fracking And Covid Webinar

Webinar: Fracking air pollution and Covid-19: Possible links?

Joint webinar from PSR and Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, examining the possible links between air pollution from oil and gas operations and greater susceptibility to Covid-19. The webinar…

Air Pollution And Covid 19

Air Pollution and Covid-19: A Dangerous Combination

Does living near active oil and gas wells increase rates of COVID-19 infection and death? PSR explores this chilling possibility in a new white paper, Air Pollution and COVID-19: A…

My Green Doctor Logo

Sustainability & Climate Change for Healthcare Practices: My Green Doctor My Green Doctor is a free practice management program offered by Physicians for Social Responsibility. Healthcare offices, clinics, and outpatient centers learn to make gradual improvements in their uses…

Advancing Green Justice Washington

Webinar: Advancing Green Justice in Washington State

Learn how Washington PSR has placed environmental justice at the heart of its actions to fight climate change and promote clean, healthy renewable energy. Hear too from one of their…

Lng Report Cover

Climate and Health Risks of Liquified Natural Gas

Read PSR’s report on liquified natural gas (LNG) and its implications for our environment, our health, and our climate.

Microsoft Word 2019 MethaneLeaksDeregulationSignOnCommentsFina

27 Organizations Submit Joint Comments Regarding New Source Performance Standards

PSR, the American Lung Association, 10 PSR chapters and 15 other health organizations submitted comments to the U.S. EPA opposing its proposal to roll back limits on emissions of methane…

PSR Fact Sheet Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy and Health

New fact sheet from PSR on the health benefits of renewable energy.

Microsoft Word US Call To Action FINAL.docx

U.S. Call to Action on Climate, Health, and Equity: A Policy Action Agenda

PSR joined with 73 other health and medical organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American Heart Association, to call on U.S . health leaders and policymakers at all…

Compressor Public Safety Report

Flammable, High-Pressure Industry in a Populated Coastal Flood Zone?

Public Safety and Emergency Response Aspects of a Proposed Methane Gas Compressor in Weymouth This new report from Greater Boston PSR examines the public safety and emergency response aspects of…

Trudeau Letter

Letter to Justin Trudeau: Climate Leadership Means Saying No to Pipelines

As an end-of-month deadline approaches for the fate of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project, PSR along with over 230 civil society groups from 44 countries released an open letter being sent…