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COP28: The world needs a transformational outcome, not more voluntary pledges

Letter to the COP28 presidency from PSR and 320 other organizations calling for an equitable global energy transition that phases out fossil fuels — the primary cause of the climate crisis.

Epa Letter Once In Always In

Letter to EPA on “Once In Always In” Air Quality Policy

Letter to the U.S. EPA asking it to restore the Once-In Always-In policy, which was successful at improving air quality.

Letter: Environmental Groups Oppose FY24 Financial Services Appropriations Bill and Amendments

The League of Conservation Voters led 15 environmental organizations including PSR in sending a letter to the House of Representatives urging Members to oppose H.R. 4664.

Letter Opposing FSGG House Bill

Letter signed by PSR and partner groups opposing the Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) appropriations bill and urging Members of Congress to reject it.

Letter to EPA on Ozone Standards

Letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calling for ozone standards of 55-60 parts per billion.

Letter On Government Funding

Health Groups Letter on Government Funding

Letter signed by PSR and other health groups opposing proposed cuts in the FY2024 federal budget to the U.S. EPA and other climate and health programs.

Fracking Compendium 9

Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking and Associated Gas and Oil Infrastructure

The ninth edition of the fracking “Compendium,” a collection of some 2,000 abstracts of and links to medical, scientific and investigative reports about the consequences of oil and gas drilling, fracking, and infrastructure.

healthy air

Comments to EPA on Strengthening Ozone Standards

Comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from PSR and other health groups, in support of strengthening standards in the planned review of ozone NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standard).…

Fracking With Forever Chemicals In Pennsylvania

Fracking with “Forever Chemicals” in Pennsylvania

The new report from PSR details the risks from injecting PFAS into Pennsylvania’s oil and gas wells, as well as risks from the disposal of millions of tons of liquid and solid waste associated with the wells.

Nhtsa Fuel Economy Comments

Comments to NHTSA on Fuel Economy Standards

Comments from PSR and other health groups to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urging the adoption of the most stringent possible fuel economy standards, citing potential reductions in air pollution and contributions to climate change that would benefit public health.