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Healthy Fish, Healthy Families

How you can enjoy the benefits of seafood, while making smart choices to lower the risks of pollution.


Airborne Particulate Matter and Public Health

A fact sheet on particulate matter in air pollution and its effects; from Oregon PSR.


Toxic Chemicals in Our Food System

Chemicals are used in every step of the process that puts food on our table and can be dangerous to our health.


Fracking and Air Pollution

A growing body of scientific evidence links the fracking boom with serious risks to air quality and health.

Environmental Threats To Brain Development

Environmental Threats to Brain Development

Harmful toxic chemicals in the environment can impact brain development in children.

Most Vulnerable Populations

Most Vulnerable Populations

Certain populations are more impacted by toxic chemical exposures than others. And they need greater protection from dangerous chemicals.

Microsoft Word Waterborne Disease Fact Sheet.docx

Climate and Health: Climate Change Contaminates Your Water

A fact sheet from PSR on how climate change impacts water safety.

Microsoft Word Heat Effects Fact Sheet General V2.docx

Climate and Health: Heat

A fact sheet from PSR on the heat-related health effects of climate change.

Microsoft Word Vector Borne Diseases FactSheet.docx

Climate and Health: Insect-borne Diseases

A fact sheet from PSR on how climate change spreads insect-borne diseases.

Microsoft Word Wildfires Factsheet.docx

Climate and Health: Wildfires

A fact sheet from PSR on how wildfires impact your health.