Webinar: Messaging on the Climate Emergency March 14, 2019

How do you talk about climate change without turning off your listener?

How can you convey the severe threats that climate change poses, without driving people into either denial or despair?

Learn from guest speaker Meighen Speiser what the communications researchers advise about what to say and how to say it. Just named ecoAmerica’s executive director, Meighen for years directed that organization’s communications and research. Her advice is evidence-based and highly practical.

Watch the video here and check out additional resources below.

Additional resources

We are pleased to share a wealth of resources from ecoAmerica. Here are links to the reports mentioned in the webinar:

American Support for Climate Solutions (March 2019 research findings from ecoAmerica and Lake Research Partners)
February 2019 Talking Points: Turning Climate Panic into Progress
Americans on the IPCC Report
Let’s Talk Health and Climate

All of them and more can be found navigating from ecoAmerica’s Research Homepage.

Brief videos

ecoAmerica has also produced videos with several of their partners, illustrating their point about finding trusted messengers, making it personal, and talking about the health co-benefits you brought up on the call:

With American Academy of Pediatrics: Our Children, Our Future
With Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments: Nurses Caring for Climate & Health
With American College of Sports Medicine: Teaming Up for Climate Solutions
With National Environmental Health Association: Addressing Climate Change Impacts

To receive updates from ecoAmerica and their “Climate for Health” program, subscribe here.




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