Webinar: Creating Robust and Effective State Renewable Portfolio Standards February 6, 2019

This PSR webinar features three of our chapter experts discussing state renewable energy solutions for the electricity sector. Specifically, they focused on how best to structure an effective state Renewable Portfolio Standard. The speakers covered issues such as: pushing for the strongest targets possible, keeping “dirty” imposters out of the “clean and safe” definition for renewables, and developing substantial in-state renewable capacity by addressing the impact of renewable crediting methods and geographic restrictions.

The presenters also described their own advocacy efforts, both successes and failures, in establishing clean, safe Renewable Portfolio Standards in their states. These were excellent, highly understandable and informative presentations that we strongly recommend to learn more about this topic.


  • Tim Whitehouse, Executive Director, Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Damon Motz-Storey, Clean Energy Organizer, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Sarah Cornett, Climate Program Organizer, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility

Watch the webinar below.

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