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PSR Comment to Consumer Safety Product Commision on Carbon Monoxide Standards

PSR National mobilized over 100 health professionals to urge the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to adopt newly proposed carbon monoxide (CO) safety standards for residential furnaces and boilers.

2MSP Summary Fact Sheet

2MSP Fact Sheet

PSR fact sheet summarizing the adopted outcomes of the 2MSP (second meeting of state parties to the nuclear weapons ban treaty) in Nov-Dec 2023.

Letter Usfs Ccs

Letter to U.S. Forest Service on Carbon Capture and Storage

Letter signed by PSR and partner groups to the U.S. Forest Service objecting to a proposed rule that would allow carbon capture and storage (CCS) on public land.

Gas Stove Pollution Fact Sheet General Public

Gas Stove Pollution Fact Sheet

Gas stoves produce dangerous amounts of air pollutants. PSR’s fact sheet covers the harms of gas stove pollution and steps to mitigate the impacts.

Letter to EPA on Clean Air

Letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael S. Regan urging the EPA not to delay on several key air pollution and climate change standards.

Letter to Department of Energy on CP2 LNG Facility

Letter to Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm urging the DOE to not approve the application for the CP2 LNG export facility proposed in southwest Louisiana, citing climate impacts.

Letter to Biden on LNG Terminals

Letter to the Biden Administration signed by PSR and other organizations, urging the end of permitting for liquified natural gas (LNG) export terminals, citing climate impacts.

Copy Of 1MSP Summary Fact Sheet

UN General Assembly Resolution on Nuclear Weapons Testing and Use

On 27 October at the UN General Assembly First Committee — the committee responsible for matters of nuclear disarmament — passed a new resolution providing assistance to victims of nuclear weapons testing and use. Read our fact sheet.

Letter to Biden: Approve Strong Phase 3 Truck Standards without Delay

Letter signed by PSR and other health groups calling on the Biden Administration to urgently prioritize finalizing strong new greenhouse gas standards for heavy-duty vehicles.

Intersectional Justice

Intersectional Justice

Why should communities across the environmental, peace and justice movements care about nuclear disarmament? Ultimately, the nuclear weapons industry works in opposition to a plethora of progressive causes.