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Letter to FHFA on Energy Efficiency Building Codes

Letter to the Federal Housing Finance Agency on energy efficiency in new homes. The letter cites climate resilience, improved health for residents, and savings on energy bills.

Letter in Support of the End Polluter Welfare Act

Letter to Congress in support of the End Polluter Welfare Act, signed by PSR and other environmental groups.

Gas Stove Pollution Fact Sheet General Public

Gas Stove Pollution Fact Sheet

Gas stoves produce dangerous amounts of air pollutants. PSR’s fact sheet covers the harms of gas stove pollution and steps to mitigate the impacts.

Environmental Groups Oppose FY24 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Bill and Amendments

The League of Conservation Voters led 15 environmental organizations in sending the below letter to the House of Representatives urging Members to oppose H.R. 5894 and a number of anti-environmental amendments.

COP28: The world needs a transformational outcome, not more voluntary pledges

Letter to the COP28 presidency from PSR and 320 other organizations calling for an equitable global energy transition that phases out fossil fuels — the primary cause of the climate crisis.

INflation Reduction Act 101 - Virtual Webinar, Sept 27 3:30 ET / 12:30 PT. Join PSR and Rewiring America to discuss the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act and outline the steps we can all take toward electrification.

Inflation Reduction Act 101

This webinar presented by PSR and Rewiring America covers the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act and outlines the steps we can all take toward electrification.

Comments from Health Orgs on Carbon Pollution Standards for Power Plants

Healthy Air Partners Carbon Rule Comments

Comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from PSR and partner groups on the EPA’s proposed carbon rule to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

House Budget Letter

Letter on House Budget Proposal

PSR resoundingly rejects the climate-killing budget proposal emanating from the U.S. House of Representatives, HR 2811.

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Webinar: Public Health Impacts of the “Inflation Reduction Act”

Learn what the Inflation Reduction Act will do to improve public health and how implementation can ensure that Congress and President Biden build on its successes while addressing its shortcomings.

Climate Investments Letter

Climate Investments Letter

Letter to members of Congress from PSR and partner groups in support of investments in clean energy and zero-emissions transportation, citing the urgent health impacts of the climate emergency.