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Fracking Compendium 9

Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking and Associated Gas and Oil Infrastructure

The ninth edition of the fracking “Compendium,” a collection of some 2,000 abstracts of and links to medical, scientific and investigative reports about the consequences of oil and gas drilling, fracking, and infrastructure.

Fracking With Forever Chemicals In Pennsylvania

Fracking with “Forever Chemicals” in Pennsylvania

The new report from PSR details the risks from injecting PFAS into Pennsylvania’s oil and gas wells, as well as risks from the disposal of millions of tons of liquid and solid waste associated with the wells.

National Building Pollution Report

National Building Pollution Report

Fossil fuel combustion in our homes and buildings is an overlooked contributor to public health harms and the climate crisis.

Health Harms of Gas Stoves - Introduction

Health Harms of Gas Stoves: Animated PSA Video Series

These short animated videos from PSR focus on the ways gas stoves impact our health.

Talking With Landlords About Gas Stove Pollution In Rental Units

Talking with Landlords about Gas Stove Pollution in Rental Units

Fact sheet with tips & resources for renters to advocate for switching to electric stoves.

Gas Stove Pollution Fact Sheet General Public

Contaminación por Estufas de Gas

PSR’s Gas Stove Pollution Fact Sheet is now available in Spanish.

Health Harms From Gas Stoves Hp Spanish

Contaminación por Estufas de Gas para profesionales de la salud

PSR’s Gas Stove Pollution Fact Sheet for Health Professionals is now available in Spanish.

Webinar Hydrogen Blending

Webinar: Hydrogen Blending

This important webinar spotlights the climate, safety and health dangers of hydrogen blending.

House Budget Letter

Letter on House Budget Proposal

PSR resoundingly rejects the climate-killing budget proposal emanating from the U.S. House of Representatives, HR 2811.

Health Organization Letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Gas Stove Hazards

Health organization letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission asking them to require stove producers to alert consumers to the hazards of gas stoves.