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Health Risks Of Gas Stoves Wpsr

The Health Risks of Gas Stoves with WPSR’s Dr. Mark Vossler

Children in homes with gas stoves have a 42% increased risk of asthma symptoms. Learn more in this video from Washington PSR.

image: unsplash

Webinar: Public Health Impacts of the “Inflation Reduction Act”

Learn what the Inflation Reduction Act will do to improve public health and how implementation can ensure that Congress and President Biden build on its successes while addressing its shortcomings.

Hydrogen Webinar

Webinar: Hydrogen Pipe Dreams

Gas companies are proposing to blend hydrogen with “natural” or “fracked” gas to burn in our furnaces and stoves. Watch our webinar to learn why this is a truly bad idea.

Gas Stoves Webinar

Webinar – Cooking With Gas: Health Harms from Gas Stoves

This training exposes the harmful air pollutants produced by gas stoves, how they harm vulnerable populations, and how health professionals can help their patients reduce their risk.

Building Electrification Toolkit

Building Electrification, Climate, and Health: An Advocacy Toolkit

A toolkit of resources on building electrification, featuring materials created by PSR chapters.

Letter to Congress on Electric Vehicles

Letter to members of Congress signed by PSR and partner groups, in support of transitioning the nation to electric vehicles.

Webinar: Indoor Air Pollution from Your Gas Stove

More than a third of U.S. households cook our meals primarily with gas. Yet most of us don’t know that when we do, we may be harming our own health.

Health Effects From Gas Stove Pollution

Health Effects from Gas Stove Pollution

This report, coauthored by PSR, documents dangerous levels of indoor air pollution from gas stoves, notably nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Heat Pump Infographic

Heat Pump Infographic

Learn how replacing your gas-burning appliances with electrically-powered alternatives, like induction stoves and electric heat pumps, is good for your health and the climate. Infographic by PSR/Philadelphia.


Statement of Dr. Robert Gould to Berkeley City Council

PSR’s Dr. Robert Gould spoke before the Berkeley City Council in support of an ordinance that would prohibit natural gas infrastructure in new buildings.