Remove regulation of methane (“natural” or fracked gas)? Unconscionable! October 10, 2019

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It sounds like just another bad proposal from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): They want to rescind existing regulations on the oil and gas industry.

But in fact, what they are proposing is a shocking rollback of controls on a super-potent greenhouse gas. They now propose to remove virtually all regulation of methane (“natural” or fracked gas).

Can you believe it? Limiting emissions of methane—a far more potent heat-trapper than carbon dioxide—is vital: We must reduce leaks of methane if we want to stave off catastrophic damage from climate change.

The EPA would also let the oil and gas industry off the hook for emissions of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC). These gases, which leak out of wells with methane, include known carcinogens and neurotoxins. We need to prevent VOC leaks, too, to keep our air clean and our families healthy.

President Trump and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler are trying to remove these pollution protections to benefit the oil and gas industry. They even quantify it, saying on the EPA website that the proposed changes would save the oil and gas industry $17-$19 million a year. What paltry savings in exchange for endangering health and the planet!

Join me in speaking out to keep methane and VOC pollution safeguards in place. Our health, our environment and our future are at stake. Please send your comments to the EPA today.

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