PSR’s new project: Centering our humanity in the nuclear weapons abolition movement March 24, 2023

The facilitators of the Notes from the Edge of Society workshop from left to right; top row:  Raeghn Draper (Global Zero), Rebecca Irby, Isabella Lloyd-Damnjanovic; second row: Mari Faines (Global Zero), Kim Scott (Georgia WAND), Sam Miller (Global Zero); third row: Jasmine Owens (PSR), Kathan Reddy, Veronica Stewart-Frommer

PSR has joined up with other anti-nuclear and anti-racist organizations and experts for a new project that seeks to center the full spectrum of human impacts that nuclear weapons cause. Notes from the Edge of Society is an effort to expand the nuclear weapons abolition movement through a framework that centers the impacts on Black, Indigenous, Brown, poor and working class communities. 

Nuclear Abolition for: Indigenous People, Young People, The Working Class, Rural Communities, LGBTQ People, People of Color, Community Safety

Notes from the Edge is a collaborative two-part workshop that places nuclear weapons’ human impact and emotional toll at the forefront of why and how we engage in our abolition work. Nuclear weapons and the present violence they inflict on our bodies, communities, and environments are ever-present. Nuclear weapons replace our ability to engage in a global community with false safety nets. Our sense of community and self-determination is eroded. Diplomacy is replaced with threats and violence for the sake of global dominance. The nature of these weapons means that this work intersects with all aspects of life, racial justice, climate/environmental justice, economic justice, public health, and more.   

Each participant was mailed a kit to make their own candle that represents what negative emotions or thoughts they have related to nuclear weapons, and an affirmation of their power to enact change

The two-part series of workshops wrapped up March 4, with productive and genuine engagement and care from participants, who joined from all around the world. As the next phase of Notes from the Edge, PSR and the other members spearheading this project will be releasing a report on the workshops, their impacts, suggestions for the community on how we can better engage these communities in our nuclear weapons abolition work and more. 

In the meantime, you can check out the Notes from the Edge of Society website where you can learn more about the project!

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