PSR’s Earth Day 24-hour Campaign Continues with Renewable Energy! April 22, 2021

I want to take a moment and thank every person who has donated to our Earth Day Campaign thus far. What an incredible day it has been!

For this next “Giving Hour,” we’re highlighting our work to bring progressive renewable energy policies to the forefront of the national and local response to climate change. One of the most exciting opportunities in clean energy expansion is the Building Electrification (BE) movement, which pushes for the use of induction stoves and heat pumps to replace traditional oil and gas uses.

The potential for BE is great, but the push back from oil and gas companies has already begun. We need YOUR support to build PSR’s capacity to effectively engage with local communities and policy makers to ensure that no one gets left behind in the effort to make our communities more environmentally and economically sustainable.

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As with our previous “Giving Hour”, our goal is to engage over 200 PSR members, activists, and friends and raise $1,000. In addition, our generous sponsor, Dr. Robert Gould, has agreed to provide an ADDITIONAL $1,000 when we meet our 200-donor goal. You can watch a message from our sponsor here, then click the donation button below to make your contribution today.

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Thanks in advance for your support!



P.S. Please click here if you would prefer to mail your donation, or reach out to our Director of Philanthropy at

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