Portland, Maine City Council Unanimously Passes “Back from the Brink” Resolution, urging the USA to reduce nuclear dangers January 25, 2019

Left to Right – Daniel Oppenheim, MD, Doug Dransfield, MD, Constance Jordan, PMHNP, & Peter Wilk, MD (members of PSR Maine’s National Security Committee).

Thanks to the incredible work of Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine and their allies, on  January 23, the city of Portland, Maine unanimously passed a “Back from the Brink” resolution.

The resolution calls on the United States government to take the lead on preventing nuclear war by renouncing the option of using nuclear weapons first; ending the sole, unchecked authority of any president to launch a nuclear attack; taking US nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert; cancelling the plan to replace its entire arsenal with enhanced weapons; and actively pursuing a verifiable agreement among nuclear armed states to eliminate their nuclear arsenals.

(See below for a list of Maine organizations endorsing Back from the Brink.)

Mayor Ethan King Strimling, Councilor Pious Ali, Councilor Brian Batson and the Portland City Council all played a role in ensuring the unanimous passage of this resolution.

Learn more about Back from the Brink at www.preventnuclearwar.org.

List of Maine Organizational Endorsements of Back from the Brink


American Academy of Pediatrics Maine Chapter
Maine Academy of Family Physicians
Maine AllCare
Maine Medical Association
Maine Nurse Practitioners Association
Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine Chapter

Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church
Congregation Bet Ha’am
Pax Christi Maine
The Church of Universal Fellowship

Global Network against Nuclear Power & Weapons in Space
Maine Peace Action Committee
Maine Peace Fund
Peace Action Maine
Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine
Greater Brunswick PeaceWorks
Resources for Organizing and Social Change
Veterans for Peace Tom Sturtevant Chapter
Maine Rivers
Toxics Action Center

Gaia Consulting

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