Physicians for Social Responsibility Welcomes Positive Outcomes from Singapore Summit June 13, 2018

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Washington, DC –   PSR Executive Director Jeff Carter issued the following statement:

“PSR welcomes the positive steps taken by President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at Tuesday’s summit meeting in Singapore. A commitment to negotiate denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula has the potential to make the world a safer place. Continuing discussions aimed at reducing the threat of nuclear weapons anywhere in the world should be supported.

We encourage all nations to support the commitments made by both countries—together with South Korea—to achieve a comprehensive and permanent peace, and to remind them that diplomacy takes time. As both leaders have acknowledged, the agreement signed on Tuesday is  only a preliminary step.

We hope the promise of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula will inspire all nuclear-armed states to work towards the day when the world is rid of these weapons entirely. Last year, 122 nations voted to adopt the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, recognizing that nuclear weapons can never be used without significant global consequences, and therefore cannot provide true security for any nation. That is true for North Korea, but also the other eight nuclear-armed countries. The only path towards true security is for all nuclear-armed countries to work toward eliminating their nuclear arsenals.

PSR urges the leadership of the United States to actively pursue the only path to true security: an agreement among all nine nuclear-armed countries to verifiably and totally eliminate their nuclear arsenals.”

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