Physicians for Social Responsibility calls on Congress to vote “Yes” on fighting climate change October 5, 2021

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WASHINGTON (October 5, 2021) Today, Physicians for Social Responsibility encourages congressional support for the budget reconciliation bill. While there are many facets to this bill, the most critical is that it is one of our best chances to address climate change in a significant way.

In the past year we have seen catastrophic natural disasters including significant heat waves, massive wildfires, killer hurricanes, and more. As reported by a recent Intergovernmental Oanel on Climate Change, and reports by the New England Journal of Medicine, global warming is going to intensify if we do not make changes now.

If the budget reconciliation bill passes, we have an opportunity to prevent future atrocities. The bill will make large-scale investments in clean, no-carbon energy, phase out coal- and gas-fired electricity, fund clean energy generation, clean energy jobs, and environmental justice for heavily impacted communities.

Congress has an important choice. If we are able to slash greenhouse gas emissions over the next few decades, we can slow the pace of warming, giving all of humanity a better chance to adapt and survive. Every bit of climate pollution we avoid will create a better outcome.

There is no more time. We urge congress to act in the interest of the people and pass this legislation. Climate change is one of the gravest issues facing human health, and it is time that we invest in the health of all Americans.

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