Join PSR and UCS on Sept. 25 for a webinar on Back from the Brink August 21, 2019

Union of Concerned Scientists and PSR are proud to be co-hosting a webinar to highlight Back from the Brink on September 25.

Back from the Brink: The Call to Prevent Nuclear War is a national grassroots initiative seeking to fundamentally change U.S. nuclear weapons policy and lead us away from the dangerous path we are on. The Call lays out five common-sense steps that the United States should take to reform its nuclear policy. We are asking individuals and organizations around the country to endorse The Call and build support for the U.S. government to adopt it as its highest national security priority.

Learn more about the bold vision of Back from the Brink by visiting the official website here.

Make sure to mark your calendars! Don’t miss this exciting chance to hear about the Back from the Brink initiative- and how you can get involved.

“Back from the Brink is a powerful and effective way to engage the public and elected officials in nuclear disarmament advocacy,” says Denise Duffield, Associate Director of PSR Los-Angeles, who has played a major role in the coordination of the Back from the Brink initiative. “Every organizational endorsement and resolution adopted sends an ever louder message to our federal representatives that they must take action to prevent nuclear war. We’re excited to present this webinar so we can share what we’ve learned so far and provide tools and resources for others to take action in their region. City by city, state by state, Back from the Brink is building the public and political will needed to fundamentally change U.S. nuclear weapons policy.”

“Back from the Brink – Organizing Locally to Prevent Nuclear War”
Date: Wednesday, September 25th
Time: 5 Pacific/8 Eastern

Register here

Gwen DuBois, Chesapeake PSR
Denise Duffield, PSR-Los Angeles
Sean Meyer, Union of Concerned Scientists
Sandra Yarne, Seacoast Peace Response
Peter Wilk, MD, Physicians for Social Responsibility

For questions, please email

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