Toxic Chemicals and Public Health

Toxics in our environment can adversely affect public health. For decades, since the start of PSR’s environment and health program, PSR worked to protect people and the environment from toxic pollutants. Toxic pollution can cause or is suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive issues and other serious illnesses. Infants and young children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to potential exposure.

PSR’s essential research and reports on potential health impacts associated with toxics continue to serve as vital tools for our partners, allies, and chapters who work on these issues.

Child reaching for a drinking fountain

Healthy Fish, Healthy Families

September 2014

How you can enjoy the benefits of seafood, while making smart choices to lower the risks of pollution.

Latest Toxic Chemicals News & Actions

PSR Statement on the Ohio Train Derailment Disaster

Threats to public health created by such environmental disasters are all too common. And in most cases, we find public health and safety is compromised for the sake of corporate profit.

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EPA’s Final Rule to Reaffirm Mercury and Air Toxics Standards Will Protect Millions from Toxic Power Plant Emissions

“Millions are breathing cleaner air because of these protections under the Clean Air Act,” said Jeff Carter, Executive Director of PSR.

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EPA reaffirms vital regulation of mercury from power plants

The US EPA reaffirmed that it is “appropriate and necessary” to regulate mercury and hazardous air pollutants from power plants, reinstating an earlier EPA position reversed by the Trump administration.

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Discussing the Birds and Bees Protection Act

WXXI radio interview with PSR New York’s Kathleen Nolan, MD.

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