Toxic Chemicals and Public Health

Toxics in our environment can adversely affect public health. For decades, since the start of PSR’s environment and health program, PSR worked to protect people and the environment from toxic pollutants. Toxic pollution can cause or is suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive issues and other serious illnesses. Infants and young children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to potential exposure.

PSR’s essential research and reports on potential health impacts associated with toxics continue to serve as vital tools for our partners, allies, and chapters who work on these issues.

Child reaching for a drinking fountain

Healthy Fish, Healthy Families

September 2014

How you can enjoy the benefits of seafood, while making smart choices to lower the risks of pollution.

Latest Toxic Chemicals News & Actions

PSR Staff Testifies Before EPA on Proposed Methane Rule

PSR staff testified to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during hearings to pass a proposed rule reducing leaks of methane and other harmful pollutants from oil and gas operations across the country. 

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Texas, New Mexico Reports Coming on PFAS in Fracking

Worried about dangerous chemicals used in fracking? You should be – especially in light of the revelations PSR has been publishing about the use of PFAS chemicals in fracking operations in multiple states.

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PFAS: Toxic Chemicals To Understand & Avoid

This month, PSR’s My Green Doctor explains why PFAS are important and how your patients can avoid them.

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