Quotable Quotes on Ukraine from PSR leaders


Tova Fuller, MD, PhD

“The horrors of this conflict are already unconscionable; my generation did not need another ‘on-the-brink-of-nuclear-war’ moment to understand the global, lethal threat these weapons pose. If this is deterrence at work, I want my hundreds of billions of dollars back.” 

Tova Fuller, MD, PhD

PSR Board member; Co-chair, PSR Committee to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Michael Martin

"The situation in Ukraine highlights the enormous problems with nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Nuclear power plants pose an ongoing immense threat because they cannot be fully protected from terrorist attacks, acts of war, and natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to all of humanity because we are always only one mistake or misunderstanding away from an all-out nuclear conflict." 

Mike Martin, MD, MPH

PSR Board President

Matt Bivens

"All of these nuclear war exercises, NATO’s and Russia’s, should clearly be called off in the name of basic common sense. Instead of pantomiming the destruction of each other — always remember, nuclear war would involve the mass murder of not just civilians, but of children — we need Washington and Moscow to sit down and talk." 

- excerpted from "Now is Not the Time to Playact Nuclear War", The Nation  Oct 18  

Matt Bivens, MD

PSR Board member

Bob Dodge

"This war can only end through a negotiated peace and these negotiations must begin now. It is time for the United States and Russia to move back from the brink of nuclear war. Nuclear weapons cannot and must not be used.

Ultimately the war in Ukraine demonstrates once again that the primary utility of these weapons is to bully other nations in order to get one’s way. The non-nuclear nations of the world are refusing to be held hostage or bullied any longer by the nuclear nations. They are demanding the abolition of these weapons through the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Every day that these weapons exist our future and that of all subsequent generations is threatened.”

- excerpted from "60 Years After the Cuban Missile Crisis--Nuclear War Risk Remains"Common Dreams, Oct. 17

Bob Dodge, MD

PSR Board member and Co-chair, PSR Committee to Abolish Nuclear Weapons