Nuclear Weapons Abolition

Our Mission: Total Abolition

PSR’s Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program amplifies the voice of health professionals to increase and broaden grassroots support for nuclear weapons abolition and to cultivate legislative initiatives to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons.

In light of the existential threat posed by nuclear weapons, the program advocates for the total abolition of nuclear weapons as it is the only way to ensure the safety of humankind.

We Must Prevent What We Cannot Cure.

Guided by the values and expertise of medicine and public health, we work to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival. Physicians and health professionals warn that a meaningful medical response to any use of nuclear weapons would be impossible. Prevention is the only cure.

In addition, PSR will fight for the unwilling, unknowing, and uncompensated victims of the Cold War. We are determined to deliver the justice they deserve.

Why Our Mission Matters

Nuclear armed countries have created a false narrative that the threat of nuclear weapons has passed, a vestige of the Cold War.

But every day we live with the possibility of total destruction. Humanity exists at the discretion of decision-makers in Washington, D.C., Moscow, and Beijing. Moreover, there have been numerous close calls and nuclear accidents that could have destroyed civilization as we know it.

Additionally, there is an ongoing humanitarian impact of the nuclear weapons industry.

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  • Read more about the people who have been impacted by U.S. nuclear testing.

You Can Help

You may feel powerless in the face of the entrenched nuclear weapons system. But you are not. Your voice matters.

In the 1960s, PSR and its allies achieved the Limited Test Ban Treaty, ending nearly all above-ground nuclear tests. In the 1980s, hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens pushed for and achieved significant U.S.-Soviet arms control treaties.

We are once again asking you to rise up with us and say no to a security apparatus, and a political system, that wastes your hard-earned tax-payer dollars and holds the world hostage.

Write to your representatives:

  • Do you believe the government should compensate people that it knowingly poisoned? Click here.
  • Do you want to live in a world free from this threat? Click here.
  • Do you want to see your tax dollars support human needs above nuclear destruction? Click here.

Nuclear Weapons Abolition Issues

Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

Nuclear weapons are illegal under international law! Find out more about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, how it works, and what you can do.

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Nuclear Disarmament: A Public Health Imperative

Find out more about why nuclear abolition is a health imperative, the environmental impacts of nuclear conflict, and the campaigns you can support.

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Present Dangers, Positive Steps: U.S. Nuclear Policy

Find out more about how the U.S. government endangers us all and what needs to change to help keep us safe.

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The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act

Find out more about those exposed to radiation because of U.S. weapons development, why they deserve justice, and how you can help.

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The #DemandAccess Campaign

The #DemandAccess campaign seeks equitable access to health and justice for all people by demanding access everywhere it is currently being denied. This campaign operates on an intersectional model: we believe that diverse progressive movements must work together toward a shared ambition that unite communities behind a common goal.

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Stronger United: Coalitions

Find out about the coalitions across the world fighting for a safer future.

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