How to Protect Yourself from Gas Stove Pollution

Gas appliances, like gas stoves and furnaces, emit dangerous air pollutants that can severely affect your and your family's health. Here are some ways to reduce you and your family's risk of exposure.

In Your Kitchen

As An Engaged Citizen

Apart from the individual actions you can take in your kitchen to reduce your and your family’s immediate risk of exposure, there are also steps you can take to reduce gas appliance pollution on a more macro-level scale through becoming a politically engaged citizen.

Additional Resources on Gas Stoves

  • Health Effects From Gas Stove Pollution Report - PSR’s 2020 report which presents scientific evidence that gas stoves release several hazardous pollutants, notably nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide
  • Building Electrification Resource Repository - an ever-growing and frequently updated list of resources about Building Electrification, the health harms of gas appliances, and more created and maintained by the PSR San Francisco Bay chapter