Help make climate change history! October 3, 2018

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We need you to help make climate change history.

This November, voters in Washington State will vote on Initiative 1631, a visionary proposal to reduce carbon pollution, clean the air and water, and benefit the communities most vulnerable to climate change.

I-1631 would create the nation’s first fee on a state’s major carbon polluters, and use the money to support equitable clean-energy solutions: solar infrastructure and new jobs, protection for air, water and forests, and benefits for any displaced fossil fuel industry workers, low-income communities, and Tribal nations.

By approving this initiative, Washington State can lead the way with bold, equitable climate solutions—but it’s going to take a movement like no other: Out-of-state oil companies have already raised over $20 million to defeat I-1631.

This is going to be a close election and if we’re going to overcome Big Oil, we’ll need people across the country to get involved. Can you sign up to call voters in Washington, both to persuade and to get out the vote?

All you need is a computer and a phone, and you can call from the comfort of your own home. Once you sign up, you’ll be emailed a guide, a ready-to-use script, and instructions to log into the automatic dialer.

This initiative can improve health outcomes, build new good-paying jobs, and ensure a cleaner and cooler future for the next generation. And it’s not just for one state: I-1631 can be a model for addressing this critical issue to the nation and the world.

We will win or lose based on the number of voters we talk to. Let’s do this! Give a little bit of your time to make a big difference.

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