PSR Climate Ambassadors Project

PSR Climate Ambassadors Are Advocating for Climate Solutions

Do you have a passion for PSR’s mission to protect present and future generations from catastrophic climate change? If so, then you may be interested in becoming a PSR Climate Ambassador.

As a Climate Ambassador you will have the opportunity to work closely with PSR staff and participate in a select number of important actions and activities on key climate and clean energy issues. Some current activities include:

  • Submitting a comment to EPA on an environmental standards rollback
  • Submitting a letter to the editor on a key issue or signing onto an op-ed (which we provide guidance in drafting and submitting)
  • Testifying at an EPA hearing on a climate related issue
  • Calling, writing or meeting with your congressional delegation
  • Participating in a local climate event

PSR Climate Ambassadors are asked to take a minimum of one action per month. PSR staff regularly provide the Climate Ambassadors with a variety of activities each month.

PSR Climate Ambassadors Dr. Alan Lockwood, Sid Gugale, and Autumn Vogel visiting Capitol Hill
PSR Climate Ambassadors Dr. Alan Lockwood, Sid Gugale, and Autumn Vogel visiting Capitol Hill

Are you a young or emerging health professional? Check out our new Next Generation Climate Ambassadors program!


PSR Climate Ambassadors In the News

LTEs, Op-eds, Interviews & more

Fracking should be kept away from county parks

Letter to the editor from Dr. Barbara Brandom, PSR Climate Ambassador, in the Tribune-Review.

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We need climate action as another hot summer arrives

Arizona Daily Star op-ed by PSR Climate Ambassador Eve Shapiro, MD, MPH, urging Congress to pass bold climate legislation and clean energy investments.

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PSR Testifies before U.S. EPA

Climate Ambassadors Dr. Alan Lockwood and Dr. Janis Petzel, board members Dr. Mike Martin and Dr. Todd Sack, and E&H Director Barb Gottlieb all testified at a virtual EPA hearing on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

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Climate Anxiety: Addressing the Psychological Effects of Global Warming

Interview with PSR Board Member Dr. Lise Van Susteren on the Between the Lines radio show.

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