Next Generation Climate & Health Ambassador (NextGen) Program


The Next Generation Climate & Health Ambassador program works to:

  1. Engage a diverse cohort of young and emerging healthcare professionals, empowering them to become leaders in the climate justice movement.

  2. Support young healthcare professionals in advocating for climate and clean energy solutions and participating in climate and health advocacy in their local communities.

  3. Provide training sessions for young health professionals to strengthen their policy and advocacy skills in climate and health and environmental justice.

How We Work

Next Gen Ambassadors are asked to take part in 3 PSR-directed policy actions during their time as an ambassador. These include writing LTEs/Op-Eds, contacting local legislators, attending climate & health events, submitting public comments or testifying in public hearings, and/or presenting about climate and health in their practice. 

Ambassadors are required to participate in all-Ambassador meetings, which strengthen the sense of community, networking, and mutual support. They also attend required training in skills and topic areas in climate and health and take part in a local mitigation or adaptation project.


Emerging health professionals are the future, not only of healthcare, but of protecting planetary health and wellbeing. That’s why PSR created the Next Generation Ambassador Program. 

Our inaugural Next Gen cohort includes 30 active ambassadors 35 years old and younger with a diverse array of backgrounds.They study or work in public health, physical therapy, medicine, veterinary medicine, and other allied health professions.

The program is staffed by Becca Phillips, PSR’s Climate and Health Fellow. An emerging health professional like the Ambassadors she works with, Becca is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health at Claremont Graduate University.

Protester with sign reading "Climate Justice Now!"

Here's what Next Gen Ambassadors have to say

Projects Highlight

Ambassadors are encouraged to take part in local climate & health advocacy projects in their local communities. We would like to highlight the ongoing work of some of our ambassadors.

Advocacy Actions Highlight

Since the launch of the program, Ambassadors have collectively taken over 150 advocacy actions. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Advocating for regenerative agriculture to the US senate committee on agriculture, nutrition and forestry via emailing my letter of support with an additional document containing policy recommendations from Climate Reality Project and the Regenerative Agriculture Coalition
  • Beach clean-up in Santa Monica, CA with Surfrider LA Foundation
  • Signing on to PSR's sign-on letter for medical, health and public health professionals and students, voicing concern over the health effects of exposure to indoor air pollution from gas stoves and urging Congress to support the Consumer Product Safety Commission in investigating those risks and taking action
  • Attending the Oregon Pediatric Advocacy Day and discussing a climate bill (a Community Green Spaces Bill) with a legislative assistant. At the event, advocated for a child tax credit bill and discussed the environmental justice implications of this legislation in a prepared presentation.
  • Supporting a campaign to pressure Gov Healey (MA) to issue executive order halting gas system expansion
  • Writing a public comment for the proposed EPA rule National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants expressing support for strict regulation on airborne heavy metals from the perspective of a future healthcare provider with a vested interest in the health of our youth
  • Writing a letter to local congressmen to urge the passing of the bill S.881 (the E-BIKE Act) to promote a federal tax credit for more widespread and competitive access to electronic bikes, a sustainable form of transportation that can combat vehicular emissions.
  • Helping to prepare planters and planting blue corn crop in a sustainable farming plot of land
  • Presenting with my MS4SF colleagues at the Association of American Medical Colleges Webinar on the advancements of climate action in academic medicine and what more can be done to accelerate the movement.
  • Lobbying on capitol hill with the CAC to encourage congress people to support passing healthy air legislation as part of the Solutions for Pollution Campaign