Next Generation Climate & Health Ambassador (NextGen) Program

Our Mission

The Next Generation Climate & Health Ambassador program works to:

  1. Engage a diverse cohort of young and emerging healthcare professionals, empowering them to become leaders in the climate justice movement.

  2. Support young healthcare professionals in advocating for climate and clean energy solutions in their healthcare practices and performing climate and health or environmental justice advocacy in their local communities.

  3. Provide training for young health professionals to strengthen their policy and advocacy skills. 

As with the existing Climate Ambassador program, the Next Gen Ambassadors are asked to take part in at least one monthly advocacy action, many of which are generated by PSR’s Policy Coordinator, Jake Assael. They include writing LTEs/Op-Eds, attending climate & health trainings or events, signing and sharing petitions or sign-on letters, testifying in public hearings, and/or calling local legislators.

Ambassadors are also encouraged to participate in monthly all-ambassador meetings, which strengthen the sense of community, networking, and mutual support. PSR also hosts a monthly training for ambassadors on pertinent climate & health topics, environmental justice, or advocacy.


Emerging health professionals are the future, not only of healthcare, but of our organization. Over PSR’s history, our longtime members and activists have achieved numerous successes, but we have been less successful in cultivating the next generation of health professionals to lead the organization into the future. Meanwhile, many longtime PSR leaders are nearing the end of their active years.

Our inaugural cohort includes 40 active ambassadors 35 years old and younger with a diverse array of backgrounds. We have ambassadors representing eight countries and seventeen different U.S. states. They study or work in public health, physical therapy, medicine, veterinary medicine, and more.

The program is staffed by Becca Phillips, PSR’s Climate and Health Fellow. An emerging health professional like the Ambassadors she works with, Becca is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health at Claremont Graduate University. 

Protester with sign reading "Climate Justice Now!"

Interested? Sign up here and join an exciting group of young activists who are committed to advocating for a healthier, safer world for present and future generations.