Next Generation Climate & Health Ambassador (NextGen) Program

Now accepting applications for our next cohort starting in January 2023


The Next Generation Climate & Health Ambassador program works to:

  1. Engage a diverse cohort of young and emerging healthcare professionals, empowering them to become leaders in the climate justice movement.

  2. Support young healthcare professionals in advocating for climate and clean energy solutions and participating in climate and health advocacy in their local communities.

  3. Provide training sessions for young health professionals to strengthen their policy and advocacy skills in climate and health and environmental justice.

How We Work

Next Gen Ambassadors are asked to take part in 3 PSR-directed policy actions during their time as an ambassador. These include writing LTEs/Op-Eds, contacting local legislators, attending climate & health events, submitting public comments or testifying in public hearings, and/or presenting about climate and health in their practice. 

Ambassadors are required to participate in all-Ambassador meetings, which strengthen the sense of community, networking, and mutual support. They also attend required training in skills and topic areas in climate and health and take part in a local mitigation or adaptation project.


Emerging health professionals are the future, not only of healthcare, but of protecting planetary health and wellbeing. That’s why PSR created the Next Generation Ambassador Program. 

Our inaugural Next Gen cohort includes 30 active ambassadors 35 years old and younger with a diverse array of backgrounds.They study or work in public health, physical therapy, medicine, veterinary medicine, and other allied health professions.

The program is staffed by Becca Phillips, PSR’s Climate and Health Fellow. An emerging health professional like the Ambassadors she works with, Becca is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health at Claremont Graduate University.

Protester with sign reading "Climate Justice Now!"

Local Projects Highlight

Ambassadors are encouraged to take part in local climate & health advocacy projects in their local communities. We would like to highlight the ongoing work of some of our ambassadors around the world.

Background photo: Christian Bradford / CC BY-SA 2.0

Advocacy Through Writing Campaign (LTEs & Op-Eds)

This past August & September, PSR Next Gen Ambassador Program and MS4SF co-ran an Advocacy Through Writing Campaign to help young & emerging health professionals across the U.S. to strengthen their writing and advocacy skills and receive public recognition for their work. We are excited to feature some of their wonderful work on diverse topics in climate & health and environmental justice. 

Featured Op-eds and LTEs

Addressing Climate Change is Economic Common Sense

Op-ed by Mitchell Singstock, Medical Student at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

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COVID-19 Telehealth Charts Path Forward to Triple-Aim and Climate Resiliency

Op-ed by Pranav Jayaraman, MPH, Medical Student at Texas Tech Health Science Center at El Paso’s Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

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Re: Aug 12, 2022, “A huge side benefit of the new climate bill”

Letter to the editor by Ruba Omeira & Vasalya Panchumarthi, Medical Students at Georgetown University

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Colorado River pact isn’t much of a solution. What L.A. must do to save the river

Letter to the editor from Daniela Morales, PSR Next Gen Climate Ambassador, in the Los Angeles Times.

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Here’s how citywide composting could help Baltimore

Baltimore Sun op-ed co-authored by Vennela Avula, PSR Next Gen Climate Ambassador and medical student.

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School of Sustainability’s leadership must reinvest in environmental justice and a fossil-free future

Op-ed in The Stanford Daily co-authored by Jayson Toweh, PSR Next Gen Climate Ambassador.

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