“Forever” chemicals used in Ohio oil, gas wells September 29, 2022

Evidence Shows Oil and Gas Companies Have Used PFAS in Ohio Wells; ‘Trade Secret’ Laws Limit Public’s Ability to Know Full Extent of Use

Previously unpublicized information unearthed by Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) shows that a class of extremely toxic and persistent chemicals known as PFAS has been used in Ohio’s oil and gas wells since at least 2013. However, the number of definitively identified cases of PFAS use may significantly underrepresent the use and presence of PFAS in the state associated with oil and gas operations. That is in large part because Ohio law allows oil and gas companies to withhold fracking chemical identities from the public and regulators by claiming them as a “trade secret.”

Learn more in Fracking with “Forever Chemicals” In Ohio.

Whether you’re a Buckeye (Ohio resident) or not, you’ll want to read our findings for yourself. That’s because PSR has found evidence that PFAS have been used in oil and gas fracking in states around the nation.

Fortunately, our report also outlines how your state can protect itself against PFAS in fracking. Read the report today and share it with your state legislators.

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