First stop on the #DemandAccess tour + more campaign updates! November 17, 2022

Annie Cheney, Jasmine Owens and Aude Bouagnon
Pictured from left to right: Annie Cheney, Jasmine Owens and Aude Bouagnon. Annie and Aude are members of the #DemandAccess Steering Committee; Jasmine is Associate Director of PSR’s Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program

On November 8, PSR’s #DemandAccess campaign had its first #DemandAccess tour stop in Boston, Massachusetts. Aude Bougnaon, a steering committee member of the campaign, attended the American Public Health Association’s national conference. She represented #DemandAccess in a roundtable hosted by the APHA Peace Caucus on the intersections of peace, militarism and public health. 

Aude shared her own personal story of how she discovered her passion for health advocacy, which led her to PSR and #DemandAccess, and what this campaign means to her: “…I truly believe that in harnessing the very best that science, health care and our collective creativity and strength have to offer, we can transform our systems such that everyone has access to the human rights of dignified health care, a clean environment to work, play and pray in, and a safe community. I hope you’ll join us in Demanding Access.”

PSR, GBPSR, and IPPNW meetup in Boston
Members from PSR National, Greater Boston PSR, San Francisco Bay Area PSR, #DemandAccess, and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War gathered together in Boston the weekend before the APHA conference

Introducing: Access Ambassadors!

#DemandAccess is growing! We have a new opportunity for young health professionals to join the campaign and take action to demand access to the resources needed to live sustainable, healthy, equitable lives that are being denied to our communities for the sake of exorbitant military spending. 

As an Access Ambassador, young health professionals will have the opportunity to take action and demand that Congress prioritize people over profit; over the Pentagon. They’ll also gain access to professional trainings, networking opportunities, and more!

Are you a young health professional interested in becoming an Access Ambassador? Do you know young health professionals that would be interested? Fill out and share this form to join today.

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