Finally, a bill to ban fracking nationwide! February 5, 2020

This action alert is no longer active

A fracking site in Pennsylvania. Photo: Jeremy Buckingham / CC BY 2.0

Finally, there’s a legislative proposal to ban fracking nationwide!

For years, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for oil and “natural” gas has polluted water and air with toxic chemicals, damaged human health, especially in communities located near fracking wells, and spurred the dangerous advance of climate change.

Now a bill has been proposed in the U.S. Congress to ban this dangerous activity.

The bill is exciting in its sweep. It would:

  • deny any new federal permits that would expand fracking or related oil or gas infrastructure;
  • revoke permits, effective next year, for any fracking well within 2,500 feet of a home, school, or other inhabited structure and require that well to cease operations; and
  • prohibit fracking for oil and natural gas, on land or offshore, across the United States, beginning on January 1, 2025.

It also takes into account the needs of people living in gas- and oil-producing regions: The bill calls for recommendations to ensure their health, safety and prosperity during the fracking phase-out period.

Grassroots activists have struggled for years to protect their communities from fracking. PSR has been part of many of those efforts, and called for a fracking ban years ago. It’s high time we take action to ban fracking from coast to coast.

Please join PSR in expressing your strong support for this visionary legislation.

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