climate change

Building Electrification: New Studies, Advocacy, and How to Electrify Your Home

July 18, 2024

Join SF Bay PSR to learn about new research, upcoming regulations on new water and space heaters, how to protect your family, electrify your home, and advocate for a just transition to all-electric homes in California and beyond.

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The Healthy Vote: Take action to protect education, long-term care, and our climate

July 11, 2024

Join Washington PSR to learn about three dangerous ballot initiatives in Washington state, why they threaten the health of Washingtonians, and learn what we can do to protect our state’s education, long-term care, and climate investments.

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Climate Change and the Human Health Echo: Global Nuclear and Environmental Threats Critical to Climate Change and Human Health

June 25, 2024

This special session of the Climate Change and the Human Health Echo series features speaker Brian Campbell, PSR Executive Director, and is facilitated by SFPSR’s Dr. Bob Gould.

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Texas PSR Presents: Climate Change and Mental Health: What to Know and What to Do

June 20, 2024

Join Texas PSR for a crucial discussion on how climate change is affecting mental health, with speaker Jessica Isom, MD.

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2024 Climate & Health Day

May 13, 2024
Help advance climate-friendly bills with Students & health professionals lobbying at the State House!

During this advocacy day at the MA State House, health professionals and medical students will meet with policymakers to advocate for bills that aim to address environmental justice and improve public health.

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Our Changing Climate with Bob Lindmeier

May 2, 2024

Bob Lindmeier, Chief Meteorologist for WKOW Channel 27, will discuss the effects of climate change. Co-sponsored by PSR Wisconsin.

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Climate Crisis: the Impacts of Militarism

April 22, 2024

Join Washington PSR for a virtual panel on the existential threat posed by nuclear weapons to health, the climate, and the intersection between military spending and economic inequity.

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Tax Day to Earth Day: Week of Action and Advocacy

March 22, 2024

Join Washington PSR in demanding federal tax dollars for housing, healthcare, and climate, and not for nuclear weapons.

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A Benefit Cabaret to Save Philadelphia from Climate Change

March 21, 2024

Join five cabaret performers, one standup comedian, and a live band for the most important benefit concert you’ll ever buy a ticket to. Hosted by PSR Pennsylvania.

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LTEs: Fun, Quick, Effective Climate Action

February 26, 2024

Pull out your lunch or pour a cup of tea and learn how to write a letter to the editor with us during this online letter writing lunch and learn, from PSR Pennsylvania.

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