Clean Energy and Healthy Homes Wins in Nevada August 16, 2023

Both of these wins help to protect Nevadans’ health from fossil fuel pollution. To continue the momentum, we’d like to thank Governor Lombardo and State Senator Nguyen for introducing and signing SB281—and increase media coverage of these valuable wins. Please thank Governor Lombardo State Senator Nguyen and write a letter to the editor to spotlight the wins for clean energy in Nevada.


·  Creates a new resource planning process for gas utilities.

·  Will allow regulators and other stakeholders to look at all of the utilities’ major projects, consider a range of alternatives, and make decisions in the best interest of customers.

·  Requires that the resource plans of gas utilities mitigate adverse impacts of fossil-fuel pollution on low-income and historically underserved communities.

·  Provides a new forum to discuss how gas utilities plan to decarbonize their systems to ensure Nevada achieves its GHG reduction goals.


·  Would have required the Public Utility Commission of Nevada to approve up to 7,000 miles of Southwest Gas distribution infrastructure — costing billions of dollars without proving any climate, economic, or safety benefits.

·   Would have increased customer costs, decreased regulatory oversight, and slowed the very necessary transition from fossil fuels.

Since LTEs are typically written and submitted in response to a previously published piece, here are some options of articles to respond to with your LTE:

·  Nevada Current – Watchdog alleges NV Energy seeking to stick ratepayers with cost of tickets, sports promotions

·  Las Vegas Review-Journal – Hottest month ever: July sets all-time Las Vegas heat record

·  NPR – Extreme heat is a problem for Native Americans in the Southwest

·  Las Vegas Sun – Weather service: July sets record for heat in Las Vegas

To thank Governor Lombardo and State Senator Nguyen directly, please use the following:

  • Contact Governor Lombardo: 
  • Contact Senator Rochelle Nguyen:

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